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Xociety for the Revixion of Englixh Xpelling
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
8:14 am
It'x been quite a while, haxn't it?

I'm killing time while waiting for my mom to drive me to work, xo I thought I'd pop in and xay hello and I hope we xtart the bizarre poxting once more. I mixx thix writing and no one elxe underxtandx! Xo Xad.

Okay xhe ix ready, I have to go. Xee you later.
Sunday, February 20th, 2005
10:29 pm
Teacher, she copied me!
Juxt thought I would alert everyone to the fact that the band "The Gossip", sometimex writex their name goxxip. Their webxite uxex a combo of "gossip" and "goxxip" and even says "linxxx".

More newx to come later.

Enjoy the three-day weekend, for thoxe that have one (or are pretending they do).

Xtupendouxly Yourx,

Current Mood: dixcoveriez!
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
5:39 pm
I xeem to have forgotten to introduce myxelf, and while I would like to xee myxelf ax above the rulex, I am not. Thix ix a group of equalx :)
And...yay! Four memberx! I <3 you all :)
Xo, becauxe I have a lot of work, I will do thix xurvey now inxtead :)

Name: Tina X. Wexler
Age: 17
Location: Xcarxdale, NY, UXA
Why you joined: Becauxe I created it. Therefore, I thought I xhould join too. nd procraxtination. And for the good of humankind. Cauxe we know thix ix the moxt important cauxe out there, and it will cure world hunger.
Hey, let'x have a bake xale! :)

5 Favorite bookx/authorx: Dublinerx (Jamex Joyce) The Hunting of the Xnark (Lewix Carroll) Atonement (Ian McEwan) The Xecret Hixtory ( Donna Tartt) The Poixonwood Bible (Barbara Kingxolver) There are many more, but thoxe are the only thingx I can think of right now.

5 favorite letterx (one of them better be x!): X!!!!!!!!!!! Z, Q, J, and the hebrew letter tet (but I can't xeem to poxt it here....I'll try later)

5 leaxt favorite letterx: s (but only cauxe itx way overuxed. I uxed to like it....xo xad)I don't really hate a lot of other letterx, but : b, v, w, c

Why ix x xo cool?: becauxe...itx juxt x! Itx a very negelected letter whick ix uxed for xo many bad thingx, like xignx for poixon, or wrong anxwerx on textx...it needx people to love it for what it ix...a cool xounding letter and one of the bext phoenetic xoundx. It needx to be held and coddled and loved.

Mixcellaneoux: Dan axed if we xay the x or juxt write wordx with it....I think pronouncing the x would be a cool thing, but in xome placex it may be hard, in wordx like "thingx" etc. But maybe we xhould all try it. I would imagine it would require a lot of hacking and xpitting.

I forgot to axk what your favorite word ix that beginx with x..... mine ix xanadu. it means an idyllic or luxurioux place. I think itx alxo an actual place. Here'x a poem by Coleridge:


I didn't xubxitute s'x juxt cauxe the link wouldn't work.

Current Mood: xtrexxed
Saturday, February 5th, 2005
12:18 am
Name: Chrix
Age: 17...18 on the Idex of March
Location: Xcarxdale, NY
Why you joined: Becauxe "x" ix xuch an interexting letter, and "s" ix completely boring. Alxo, "x" ix worth 8 pointx in Xcrabble, while "s" ix worth only 1, and thix ix an inxanely clever way to create more interexting xcrabble wordx with "x."
5 Favorite bookx/authorx: Cat'x Cradle (Kurt Vonnegut), To the Lighthouxe (Virginia Woolf), The Great Gatxby (F. Xcott Fitzgerald), Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert Pirxig), Catcher in the Rye (JD Xalinger)
5 favorite letterx (one of them better be x!): X!!, w, j, i, f (only in xcript...fx are fun to write)
5 leaxt favorite letterx: s (BOO!! HIXX!!), v, r, a, k
Why ix x xo cool?: Becauxe it'x unique and interexting. "X" ix never boring like "s" ix!
Mixcellaneoux: Trying to replace every "s" with an "x" in my typing ix very challenging; however, I muxt unlearn the old, backwardx way of xpelling and embrace the uxe of x!

Oh, we alxo need to remove every mood containing "s" from the lixt of optionx, if that'x poxxible. I am amuxed, not amu*ed.

Current Mood: amuxed
Friday, February 4th, 2005
5:03 pm
Request of a new member - !

first off -

Name: Caroline
Age: legal on Valentinex day
Location: Bethexda, MD/Waxhington D.C.
Why you joined: Came here after reading a referral by bokonist/Chrix and wax incredibly intrigued and want to xpeak to the challenge.
5 Favorite bookx/authorx: Ixhmael and otherx by Daniel Quinn, perkx of being a wallflower, girl interrupted by Xuxxana Kayxen, harold and the purple crayon by crockett johnxon, roxencrantz and guildenxtern are dead by tom xtoppard, franny and zooey and other xalingerx, xpeaker of the dead by orxon xcott card, chocolat by joanne harrix, Dr. Xeuxx Goex to War cartoonx. I alxo have an obxexxion with really old antique bookx.
5 favorite letterx (one of them better be x!): c, m, s, x, z,
5 leaxt favorite letterx: k, u, f, g, d,
Why ix x xo cool?: The fact that x'x mark the xpot on the trexure map and it juxt makex me laugh too - check the muxic xelection on your firxt entry...! oh no!
Mixcellaneoux: I love chocolate and liztening to my cat purr. I love to run and to jump to the beat of the music.

Thankx and have a xtupendoux evening. : )

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
9:11 pm
It would be nifty if people who join would briefly introduce themxelvex. More importantly, I want to underxtand why you joined becauxe I'm interexted to xee if there are people out there ax deluxional ax I am! :)

Xo, pleaxe rexpond if you want to thexe quextionx:

Why you joined:
5 Favorite bookx/authorx:
5 favorite letterx (one of them better be x!):
5 leaxt favorite letterx:
Why ix x xo cool?:

Current Mood: heehee
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